In-Person Summer Camp

Grades: K-12

20 Locations in California

Tech Leadership Program

(Online or In-persons)

Grades: 7-12

Online AP Classes

Grades: 9-12

Online Private Lessons

Grades: 2-12

Camp Cost, Hours, Daily Schedule & Holidays

  • How much does camp cost?

  • What is included in the tuition?

  • Why is the price lower for the younger age group?

  • What are the hours of camp? What days are the holidays?

  • What is the daily camp schedule?

Course Selection for Your Child

  • What courses are best for my child?

  • Why are there price differences for different age groups? Are there any differences between the courses?

  • If my child is 8 years old, which group would be the best option?

  • If my child is 10 years old, which group would be the best option?

  • If my child is 14 years old, which group would be the best option?

  • If my child is gifted, should I sign my child up for an older age group?

Lunch Services

  • Do I have to use the lunch service?

  • How much does it cost?

  • What’s included in the lunch service?

  • How do I order lunch?

  • Can I order lunch only for a certain day?

  • If my child has special meal restrictions or food allergies, how can I notify the camp staff members?

Extended Care

  • What are the extended care hours?

  • What will students work on during the extended care hours?

  • Who are the extended care counselors?

  • Which locations offer extended care?

  • How do I add extended care?

  • Can I add extended care only for a particular day?

Camper Supervision, Safety, Security & Emergency Protocols

  • How do you supervise the campers?

  • How do I know your staff is trustworthy?

  • My local camp operates out of an “open campus”, meaning people can walk onto campus anytime. How do you protect campers?

  • How do you ensure that my child is going home with the right adult?

  • Do you have any emergency protocols in place?

Camp Friendships

  • What if my child doesn’t know anyone at the camp?

  • If I invite friends to camp, do they get a special discount?

Teachers and Extended Care Counselors

  • Who are the teachers?

  • Who are the extended care counselors?

International Campers

  • Do international campers need a special VISA to attend?

  • What information does an international camper need to provide during the registration?

  • Does my child need to be fluent in English to attend camp?

  • Do I need to list an emergency contact in the US?

Campers with Special Needs

  • Do you accommodate campers with special needs?

  • Can my child attend with a camper’s aide?

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription Provided by Camp Integem

  • What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

  • What Apps are included in Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription?

  • On how many computers can I install Adobe Creative Cloud with one license?

  • If someone else in Camp Integem uses their licenses, will it impact my license?

  • How do I receive an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription?

  • Who is eligible to receive an Adobe Creative Cloud Subscription?

  • Can I use an email other than my camp registration email for my Adobe Creative Cloud credential?

  • Can I switch the email I use for my Adobe Creative Cloud credential in the middle of camp?

Before You Sign Up

  • How are students grouped at Integem Camp?

  • Do you have half-day options?

  • Can my camper attend partial days/weeks?

  • What is your teacher to students ratio?

  • How do you balance fun with learning at camp?

Enrollment, Account & Registration

  • How do I enroll?

  • How do I log into my account and/or reset my password?

  • How do I find out about locations, classrooms, etc.?

  • How do I register my returning student?

  • How can I add more camp sessions/child(ren) after registration?

Tax ID and Child Care Reimbursement

  • What's the tax ID number?

  • Do Integem’s camps qualify for dependent care FSA reimbursement?

  • Do Integem’s camps qualify for depend care tax deduction?

  • What document can be used for dependent care FSA reimbursement?

  • Where can I find my receipt?

Gift Certificate

  • Can Camp Integem Gift Certificates be reimbursed through Dependent Care FSA or other childcare expense reimbursement programs?

  • How do I claim my Gift Certificate?

  • What is the expiration date of a Camp Integem Gift Certificate?

  • What will happen to my leftover Gift Certificate amount?

  • What will happen if my Gift Certificate amount is less than the overall amount?

  • Can a Gift Certificate be combined with a referral code at the checkout?

  • How many Gift Certificates can I use in each purchase?

  • Can I transfer my Gift Certificate to others?

  • Where can I buy an authentic Camp Integem Gift Certificate?

  • How do I know how much is left in my Gift Certificate?

  • Can I use a Gift Certificate to purchase another Gift Certificate?

  • Can return my gift certificate for cash?

Change and Cancelation Policy

  • Can I change my child’s camp time, course or location? How do I make the change?

  • How do I cancel my enrollment? Will I receive a refund for Integem camp sessions?

  • Can I transfer my session to another camper?

  • Other terms and conditions

During Camp

  • What if my camper loses something at camp?

  • What should my camper wear/pack each day?

  • What equipment does my Young, Teen, or High School camper need to bring?

  • What equipment does my Junior camper need to bring?

  • What are the check-in and check-out times at camp?

Health, Allergy, & Medical Related Questions

  • My child has a severe allergy. What precautions do you take to keep them safe?

  • What level of medical care for my camper are you able to accommodate?

  • What if my child gets hurt?

Discounts and Referral Award

  • What is the sibling discount?

  • What is the multiple-week discount?

  • Can I refer my friends and get referral awards?

  • Special Discounts for Military, First Responders, Teachers/Professors, and Medical Professionals

  • Where do I apply the referral/promo code and see the discount?


  • Do you provide scholarships or financial assistant?

Contact Us

  • I still have questions. What now?

Contact Us

  • I still have questions. What now?

Contact Us

  • I still have questions. What now?

Contact Us

  • I still have questions. What now?

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